MOF / Customs terminal

MOF terminal of class "A" as a rule provides fast customs registration.

All necessary divisions and offices are located in a row:

  • Kiev customs divisions;
  • Sanitary-epidemiology service department;
  • State phytosanitary inspection post;
  • State ecological inspection post;
  • Post of veterinary control;
  • Customs bonded warehouse;
  • Temporary storage warehouse.

MOF customs terminal is the part of ware-house complex 'MLP Chaika', largest logistic project in Ukraine which completely meets modern international requirements.

General area of the storage facilities makes more than 4200 square meters, including:

  • customs bonded and temporary storage warehouses - 1000 and 600 sq.m correspondingly;
  • special zones for large-size freights;
  • warehouses for cross-docking operations.

We offer services of customs consignment warehouse of class "A", terminal and temporary storage warehouse.