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New opportunities for trade with the EU, as well as new challenges for the Ukrainian

The main topic of the issue Ю&З today were the issues of the exports in the current (and rapidly changing) conditions.

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Additional import duties: the nuances of GFSU

GFSU in a letter dated 02.25.2015, № 380/7 / 99-99-25-01-01-18 provided clarification on a number of additional import duties, which entered into force on 26 February.

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Minister of Finance of the devaluation, import charges and deposits

February 25 held a joint briefing the Minister of Finance Natalia Yaresko and chairman of NBU Valerie Gontareva after a meeting with the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the Parliament. As reported by Natalia Yaresko, during this meeting produced a set of measures to stabilize the foreign exchange market.

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