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Appeal of Igor Bilous - the First Deputy Minister of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine

Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine announces the total anti- fraud of VAT.

The primary objective of the new leadership of the Ministry - to stabilize revenue payments to the Budget. There are possibilities for this. This means the shadow economy.

From now on Ministry focus on liquidation of tax pits rate, criminal schemes and conversion of areas, which were used to withdraw funds from the Budget. Such schemes in Ukraine will cease to exist.

Measures will be tough. No posts belonging to a certain financial - industrial groups and political forces can not provide immunity from liability.

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Transport complex and objects of postal services operate smoothly

Smooth operation of the transport complex and objects of postal services has been ensured. This was announced by vice Prime Minister and Chairman of the State Commission on Technogenic and Ecological Safety and EmergenciesOlexandr Vilkul said during scheduled conference call with the heads of ministries, departments and regions.

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Ukraine exported grain on USD 6 billion in 2013

According to the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine volume of grain exported by Ukraine in 2013 in monetary terms amounted USD 6.4 billion. Leading positions among exporting countries occupied Egypt (USD 1 billion), Spain (USD 543.3 million), Saudi Arabia (USD 355.8 million) and Iran (USD 334.1 million).

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