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Goods imported to 25.02.2015 r .: whether to charge an import fee

GFSU answered the question, whether charged an additional import duty on goods imported before the entry into force of the Law of 28.12.2014, № 73-VIII, which filed a preliminary declaration, but the customs clearance of which has not been completed.

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The use of temporarily imported cars is not in violation of Art. 469 of the Customs Code

Publish a decision on the constitutional appeal SIC interpretation of the phrase "use and disposal of" personal vehicle in temporary import in terms of liability under Art. 469 TC

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Movement of goods to / from the area of the ATO: explanation GFSU

Legal and physical persons transporting commodities (goods) to temporarily uncontrolled territory and are through the checkpoints of entry and exit provided that the carrier or the owner (authorized person) of such goods a special permit issued by the authorities GFSU.

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