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From SFS want to separate customs agency

In Parliament registered a draft resolution number 2131a "On improvement of activity of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine."

The initiative is due to the negative consequences of revealing the actual organizational and structural "absorption»   customs component   activity SFS its tax component. So, there is no positive trend in automation and information processes of customs control and customs clearance.

The project is proposed to recommend to the Cabinet of Ministers to implement a set of measures for   reform of the State Fiscal Service   by the formation of central bodies of executive power in the sphere of tax and customs to the direction and coordination of their activities through the Minister of Finance.

"There is no positive dynamics of establishing an exchange of information at the international level with the customs authorities of other countries and international and at the national level with carriers and other bodies and institutions whose activities are directly related to the implementation of operations with goods under customs control. There is no systematic approach to the use of technical means of customs control as one of the effective tools for minimizing the impact of human factors on the results of customs controls. Therefore, the purpose of our resolution is   restore a clear chain of command of management of customs business in Ukraine ", - said one of the authors of the document.

Recall that before the creation of SFS operating in Ukraine Ministry of Revenue, and before him - the State Tax Service and State Customs Service.


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