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Roman Nasirov: SFS is following the course on international cooperation

«SFS is following the course on international cooperation. We accelerate the activity towards intensification of exchange of pre-arrival information with the customs bodies the other states. It will reduce the time of customs formalities at the border, minimize the human factor, increase the reliability of the goods declaration and efficiency of the fight against smuggling and customs offenses», - said The Head of SFS. 

«The SFS plans to implement similar projects with other counties, including EU countries.  We approved the Technical task for the launch of the pilot project on exchange of pre-arrival customs information between Ukraine and the EU. 15 EU member countries will take part in the pilot project. Currently the EU is completing the implementation of internal procedures for launching it. We expect to get a response from EU in June, 2016», - informed Roman Nasirov.

Since January 1, 2016 the SFS and the State Custom Committee of the Republic of Belarus have been implementing the PRINEX project of international technical assistance «Support to the Creation of an Electronic System of Pre-arrival Information Exchange between the Customs Authorities of Belarus and Ukraine».

 The 2 year EU-Ukraine Project Twinning contributes to the efficient and fast realization of exchange of customs information processes.


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