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Roman Nasirov: The Single Window is one of the best tools to simplify the customs procedures

“The Single Window is one of the best tools to simplify the procedures for importing and exporting goods through the customs border of Ukraine. Both business and government will benefit from the launching of this system”, - said the Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Roman Nasirov in his article in “Kyivpost”. 

As he said, from Aug. 1 all regulatory authorities and customs offices will be merged into the “Single Window” electronic system which will significantly reduce the time for customs control, minimize corruption and tighten control over the work of customs officers. “This is a vivid example of the implementation in Ukraine of best international practices”, - added the Head of SFS. 

He stressed, that The Single Window has several advantages. The most important is reducing corruption in customs activities through providing transparency of customs authorities’ activities and minimizing direct contact of entrepreneurs with government officials. Also due to the moving of all processes into the electronic form, control over the service officers and their solutions will be greatly improved. 

“In addition, finally actions of all regulatory authorities involved in border crossing and declaration of goods are unified; an effective communication platform between the parties is established; procedure of submission of the documents is simplified. This allows to speed up customs procedures and thus save time and money for businesses”, - said Roman Nasirov.


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