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SFSU should be part of the Ministry of Finance

The Prime Minister said that the new leadership appointed GFSU and departments given three months in which to bring order to the system of taxation: "The first - is to close tax holes. The second - to restore order in the customs. And the third - to solve the problem of the tax police. "

The Government proposes to abolish the tax police and translate it into an organ of civil investigation of tax crimes: "Once again I insist that this reform should be carried out."

Yatsenyuk also stressed that the role and place of GFSU provided tax service reform program as a whole: "I believe that the State Fiscal Service should be part of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine."

The Prime Minister noted that this issue is now being discussed in the framework of elaboration of the final version of reform of the tax service.

According   data   Government portal.

Source: Website ЛИГАиЗАКОН

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