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Smuggling counterfeit goods and excisable want to criminalize

Group of people's deputies registered in the parliament   bill number 2840   with respect to the criminalization of the smuggling of excise and counterfeit goods (products) on a large scale.

Proposed   included in the list of contraband provided   Art. 201 of the Criminal Code, excise and counterfeit goods (products) on a large scale.

In a footnote to that article prompted to install that smuggling of excise and counterfeit goods (products) is considered to be perfect   on a large scale if the cost in 250 or more times the non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens.

Smuggling is punishable by   with imprisonment   for a period of 3 to 7 years with confiscation of contraband. The same acts committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons or a person previously convicted of an offense under this section, or by an official using his official position - shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of 5 to 12 years with confiscation of contraband and forfeiture of property.

The explanatory memorandum states that the absence of criminal liability for such actions can not effectively influence the criminal situation in the fight against smuggling, and to provide appropriate assistance to the partner intelligence services and law enforcement agencies of foreign countries by eliminating the illegal movement across the customs border of Ukraine excisable goods. In addition, violation of copyright and related rights in the goods and products of famous brands have a negative impact on the international character of relations between Ukraine and other states.

Recall restore criminal liability for smuggling goods   offered   in 2013.

Source: Website ЮРЛИГА

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