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The society supports Government's decision on Eurointegration

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov is receiving letters from people with support of decisions taken by the Government on Eurointegration.

For example, the head of Bratsky district organization The Union of Invalid Organization of Ukraine N. Lytvynenko in his letter states support of European integration course of the country which facilitates entering Ukraine to common European space and emphasized that in recent years Ukraine had made a lot to enter Europe, taking into account interests and striving of every citizen of the country at this.

“Raising of living standards especially of people with disabilities, as we know, is top priority task for the President of Ukraine and the Government. That’s why just the interests of Ukrainian nation need a well-weighed approach to conclude long-term arrangements. As behind any approved decision are fates of people. Aiming to ensure our confidence in the future we address You with a request not to hurry with signing the Association Agreement with the EU, as the future of Ukraine and Ukrainian people stand behind it,” the letter addressed to Mykola Azarov reads.

A co-head of the Parents’ Committee of Ukraine organization O. Skvortsov thanks the Prime Minister “for the decisive and right actions concerning suspension of the Association of Ukraine with the European Union. As in case of signing the Association the document envisaged loss of sovereignty, economic collapse and genocide of moral and family value in Ukraine”.

Department of Information and Communication of the Secretariat of the CMU

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